African Business Chamber

The focus of the Chamber is directed on raising the capacity of the national economy and strengthening international business collaboration between African countries, Serbia and countries in the region.

Along the way, we tend to achieve better business connections, accelerate the growth and development of your business, provide support in this process and use the overall potential of the market.

The African Business Chamber (ABC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 as a business club, and in 2021 it was assigned status of chamber that would contribute to the values of society and its economy, striving to reunite African, Serbian and regional markets.

We promote corporate social responsibility, international collaboration, investments and the uniqueness of cultures.

The Chamber goal is to strengthen common interests through project launching, exchange of knowledge, experience and technology, as well as cultural exchange.


Our contact person

Sanja Djurdjulov
Liaison Executive for French and English speaking countries in Africa


Our contact person

Gilmara Everilde Blagojevic
Liaison Executive Manager