In order to make it easier for our business partners and members to enter the market or expand their business, we have created services that will provide maximum results for their business:

  • Project management (opening branches in different locations, strategic planning, employment services, lease of business premises, management training)
  • Legal advising on business process (local regulations, ATA carnet, certificates, contracts, representation, global tenders, merging and acquisitions)
  • Financial consulting and support (credit conditions, sponsorships, budgeting, global investments, tax policy)
  • Translation services and administrative support to clients
  • Business assistant services (communication with embassies, organization of trade fair and conference visit, accommodation and restaurant reservations)


Creating the future is reflected in business opportunities. We offer them to you, and we are also looking forward to them with enthusiasm. We enable the collaboration of companies with a wide range of products from different industries, as well as the possibility of investing capital in projects.

We connect you with potential partners for the import and export of specialized goods, consumer goods, commercial services or start-up investments.

Business events and gatherings are perfect opportunity to achieve strategic goals of companies and build a corporate image, bringing together and connecting people with business visions.

Common goals and interests lead us to successfully concluded deals and development of economic opportunities, thus expanding the business community. We provide you:

  • Establishing and building business contacts with potential partners
  • Access to data on strategic events in the African, Serbian and regional markets
  • Attendance and participation in fairs, conventions, conferences, symposiums.

Information Access

Market research provides adequate preparation of the company's resources and targets placement of investments, products or services.

We offer the possibility of market analysis and review of information that is important for you to expand your business and establish potential collaboration in the target market.

We provide strategic, operational and investment market research services, which include:

  • cost-effectiveness study
  • supply and demand analysis
  • marketing strategy testing
  • product analysis
  • market competitiveness
  • potential client network.

Cultural Exchange

In addition to business collaboration, the Chamber seeks to connect African, Serbian and regional countries' markets on national, cultural and traditional level.

As former Yugoslav republics, Serbia and countries of the region have a rich history of collaboration with African continent, and which Chamber tends to strengthen and nurture.

The ability to understand and support different cultures and traditions enriches and expands business opportunities and influences social awareness. Cultural intelligence encompasses knowledge, strategic thinking, motivation, and behavior.

The Chamber provides an opportunity and creates an environment that combines aspects of business and rich cultural life and tradition of developing countries, which are:

  • Exchange of knowledge, human resources and technology between the two continents
  • Exchange programs for students and employment programs
  • Characteristics and customs of African area business culture
  • Overview of cultural and sport content between African, Serbian and countries of the region

Why African Continent?

Africa is a continent that has been through continuous economic and social development for last few decades. It is rich in energy and natural resources. In addition to many unexplored opportunities and huge potential, its geographical location provides a good connection with Europe and Asia, which facilitates and opens many opportunities for quick and easy collaboration.

Interesting facts: Africa, as a continent with a total of 1.216 billion inhabitants in 56 countries on a territory of 30.244.050 km2 and 3 time zones, is rich with over 20 religions and 2000 languages.